2016 personal reflection

And, a preview of 2017

 December 17, 2016

I think 2016 might end up being neutral if I just sum up the number of positives and negatives. Starting a personal website had been on my list for years and finally getting it started felt really good. But, I never really thought about the site's overall design. And, I started several new projects, but quickly shifted focus to the "next thing". Overall, I did not have a clear plan of action. And, it's odd, too, because I generally see myself as someone who prefers to plan ahead. My wife reminded me the other day she has always seen me as someone who "doesn't settle for average". This year, I did. Although, it's not accurate to say I was lazy. Maybe I took too many things for granted. But, enough of this pity party.

I'm back in the driver's seat

Noteworthy: this may become an obsolete idiom if self-driving vehicles become commonplace.

Identifying personal areas of improvement is a good first step to becoming a better person. Need to be careful, though, not to move into an extended overdrive mode. Don't want to cause 2017 burnout. Lots of things are lined-up for 2017. Here's just a sample which will serve as reference when I do another reflection post next year:

Your turn?

If you decide to write your own 2016/2017 reflection post, post a link in the comments-section. I'm curious how others fared and their plans/ambitions for the upcoming year.