Starting from scratch

Breaking down my own mental barriers

 March 14, 2016

First off, Happy Pi Day! I have been putting off owning and running a personal website for a long time. It seems weird, too, since I work predominantly with software (see About me). There are many options for hosting and storing content. But, I have had a tendency to over-think solutions to problems (i.e. Analysis paralysis). Over the course of several years, I built up this collection of ideas and never held myself responsible for making deposits into my idea bank (see Idea Debt). While the ideas are varied, most have a writing-part where I want to share the knowledge gained from completing the idea. And in this case, one idea was to create the engine which drove the display of my writings.

I cannot pin-point anything specific which kickstarted the process (maybe it was the looming goal from last year where I agreed with my boss to have a website), but the decision was made to finally start programming an app., and is how this post and others are displayed. At some point, I may provide details into the inner-workings (still not sure the direction of the project), but for now, I am using it as a workable prototype. There are lots of things I need to do before considering it "stable". It does not even have a real name yet other than "blog engine".

With the largest barrier now being torn down (almost like the keystone in an arch), it feels a lot easier to continue the course and start executing on those other ideas. I am excited to share the results and hope someone finds them useful, humorous, or whatever makes them feel better about their life and/or day.

Without further ado, let the journey begin...