2017 personal reflection 🤔

 December 4, 2017

Personal introductory side-note: Today, my wife and I have been together for fifteen-years and married ten of those years. I love what we have accomplished together and wait with eager anticipation those journeys we have yet to fulfill.

Around this time last year, I wrote how 2016 was a pretty neutral year. 2017 fared better, but I'm still a 90% finisher. I can't find another word/phrase to describe it, but it means someone who produces something that functions, but doesn't give it the polish that would make it great (they have already moved on to the next thing). For me, it's the challenge of solving a problem. I really enjoy it, but once the problem is solved, my interest wanes. Things like documentation or marketing become interference. So, my main goal for 2018 is to increase my finisher-status. I'll list some quick wins to get me there, but first, let's review 2017 goals and see where I hit the mark and where ambition tanked progress:

2017 goals


👍: 4

😐: 3 (5 if I count sub-items)

👎: 3

💰: 2

Overall, I'd rate myself okay. There's still a lot of TODOs.

2018 goals

Your turn

Scene from Anchorman where main characters are jumping in the air to express their happiness

If you decide to write your own 2017/2018 reflection post, post a link in the comments-section. I'm still curious how others fared and their plans/ambitions for the upcoming year.